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Features of the hall

This proscenium style hall of distinguished theater space with a wood grain finish floor is most suitable for stage art such as concerts, performances, musicals, and dances, as well as ceremonies and lectures. Furthermore, seats are arranged to surround the stage in a circle to create a warm and soft atmosphere.

Stage curtain design

While maintaining the atmosphere of the ancient days, Chiryu City moves forward toward “an active green town of interaction.” The design of the stage curtain brings a new sense that matches the hall that symbolizes Chiryu City that is taking big strides into the 21st century. Furthermore, the weight of the fabric that is woven with textural variations of bold impressions and ridges reveals interesting expressions through changes of light or when viewed from different angles.

Acoustical cloud and orchestra pit

The moving acoustical cloud conveys the sound generated from the stage to the audience seats evenly in a manner in which the proscenium wall and acoustical cloud are combined into one, and it gives the best acoustic conditions at all times. In addition, making a lift-type orchestra pit as the front stage enables various types of stages.

Wheelchair seats

Accompanying people can also have seats and enjoy performances, not to mention families with small children.

The other equipments

Parent–Child Room Lounge Service Counter

Hall Facilities

■ No. of seats: 841 – 1,004 (maximum)

* 1st floors: 597 – 760 (maximum)
* Balcony 230
* Wheelchair seats: 6
* Parent–child seats: 8

■ Stage size:

* Width: 15 m
* Depth: 15 m (up to the horizont)
* Height: 8 m
* Height of gridiron: 21.7 m

■ Stage equipment

* Moving-type acoustic cloud: 1 set
* Batons for handing for makeshift seats: 1
* Batons for hanging: 34 (19 out of which are art batons)
* Seat lighting baton: 1
* Lighting batons: 11
Border lights: 4
Suspension lights: 5
Upper horizontal light: 1
Proscenium light: 1
* • Orchestra pit: 1 set
* • Temporary runway (upper/bottom): 1 set

■ Stage feature

* Hanging feature is electric counter weight system, and controlled by computer.
* The floor feature of the movable front stage for orchestra can be lifted to the orchestra pit.

■ Stage lighting

* Move-fade system
* Memory scenes: 1000 scenes
* Manual preset fader 100 ´ 3 tiers (300 ´ 1 tier available)
* Information monitoring (answer-back) system (DMX512 ´ 2)
* Number of adjustment circuits of stage lighting: 383 circuits

■ Stage acoustics

* Stage acoustics operation table: YAMAHA PM-3500-24, 24 MONO IN + 4 STEREO IN, 8 GROUP, 8 AUX, 8 VCA, Stage sleeve operation counter
* Infrared hearing-impaired system

■ Sound reverberation time

* approx. 1.4 – 1.8 seconds (when empty seated)

■ Backstage room, etc.

* One large backstage room, two middle-sized backstage rooms, and two small backstage rooms
* Waiting room for organizer, backstage office, backstage lobby
* Shower room (for men and women) and a laundry room

■ Carry-in entrance