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Symbol Mark

Blue whirls and three red poles. Initials of P and C from Patio Chiryu are designed to look like two halls with the patio and the corridors connecting the halls.

Foundation Stone

The hall represents the patio for the citizens of Chiryu City and gives an image of an expanding circle of culture. Furthermore, the letter “C” represents “Culture”, “Challenge,” and “Chiryu,” while “P” represents “Performance,” “Pleasure,” and “Patio,” forming them three poles describing the region of Mikawa (three rivers).

The foundation stone is placed on the floor of the entrance hall as an etched copper plate with approximately ø750 embedded in a 900 : 900 mm slab of marble. The copper plate has a round design, and it represents “direction,” “constellation,” and “date” each from the outer circle.

Those curving words in the foundation stone represent meaningful terms: “direction” means “space,” while “constellation” means “outer space,” and “date” means “time.” In other words, it refers to the motto, “Let’s put time and space such as the words of space, outer space, and time, together into one, or create a new culture and art beyond time and space as the foundation of the CHIRYU PUBLIC THEATER/PATIO CHIRYU,” and an axiomatic figure of alchemy and the mark of Patio Chiryu are placed at the center.

Facilities Overview

Site area: 23,870 m2
Construction area: 6,998.31 m2
Total floor area: 10,857.52 m2
No. of floors: four floors above ground and one floor underground
Structure: Reinforced concrete, steel-reinforced concrete and steel
Parking: 291 cars
Construction period: June 1998 through March 2000

Kakitsubata Hall (Proscenium stage type)

No. of seats: 841 – 1,004 (maximum)
Stage size: 15 m (W) ´ 15 m (D) ´ 8 m (H)

Hanashobu Hall (Open stage type)

No. of seats: 244 – 293 (movable leveled floor seats)
Stage size: 17.4 m (W) ´ 7.5 m (D) ´ 4.5 m (H)


240 m2

Working Area

Rehearsal Room 1: Capacity-88 persons (173m²) with ballet bar and mirror
Rehearsal Room 2: Capacity-38 persons (76m²) with ballet bar and mirror
Rehearsal Room 3: Capacity-13 persons (26m²)
Rehearsal Room 4: Capacity-6 persons (26m²) with one set of drums and a synthesizer
Japanese Style Practice Room: Capacity/18 persons (37m²) Flooring usage is possible.
Tea-ceremony Room: Capacity-20persons (63m²)
Craftwors Room: Capacity/24persons(36m²)
Workshop Room l: Capacity-24 persons (32m²)
Workshop Room 2: Capacity-12 persons (25m²)
Workshop Room 3: Capacity-12 persons (25m²)
Workshop Room 1-3: Capacity—48 persons (82m²)
Lecture Room: Capacity-36 persons (70m²) with a set of audio-visual equipment


42 seats