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Time and day for application acceptance

Office hours for application acceptance: 9:00 – 19:00
Applications for use of facilities for the month will be collectively received anytime between 9:00 to 11:00 on the first day of the month. In the event that preferred dates overlap, users will be decided by lottery after 11:00.
(Applications after the first day are handled on a first-come-first-served basis, as needed.)
* If the first day falls on a day in which the facilities are closed, the following day shall apply.

Closed: Mondays, 12/28 – 1/4
(If it falls on a holiday, the earliest weekday following the next day.)

Application method

1. Apply to the facilities directly in person.
2. Upon reviewing the particulars on the application forms, a “usage permit” will be issued to you.
3. Upon issuance of a usage permit, you must pay the usage fee for the facilities in cash.

Application acceptance period for the facilities

Kakitsubata Hall:
Anytime between 12 months prior to the month to which the day of use belongs and 1 month prior to the day of use.

Hanashobu Hall and Gallery: Anytime between 12 months prior to the month to which the day of use belongs and 10 days prior to the day of use inclusive.

Other facilities: Any time between 6 months prior to the month to which the day of use belongs and the day of use inclusive.

1. In the event that the facilities are used for more than 2 days, the day of use will mean the first day.
2. In the event that Kakitsubata Hall, Hanashobu Hall, Gallery, and other facilities are used for the same purpose, each period for accepting applications applies respectively.

When using the facilities:

Before using the facilities

Person responsible for use of the facilities: A responsible person must be appointed. Attendance of the responsible person is required on the day of use.

In order to smoothly proceed with meetings and event programs, if you apply for use of Kakitsubata Hall and Hanashobu Hall, you must have meetings regarding carry-in/out, stage features, acoustics, lighting, operating method, and so on. Please bring the programs and progress schedules of the event.

Submission of notification to the related organizations and submission of notification to the related public offices regarding use of the facilities are shown in the following.

* Use of open flames: Chiryu City Fire Department 0566-81-4141
* Security and crime-prevention: Chiryu Primary Police Station 0566-81-1010
* Copyright: Central Branch, Japanese Society for Rights and Authors, Composers and Publishers 052-583-7590

On the day of use of the facilities

1. Presentation of usage permit
The person responsible for using the facilities must present a usage permit with the Art Center (office) before using the facilities. As a rule, our staff will unlock doors to open the facilities upon presentation of a usage permit.

2. In case of emergency
Organizers must be aware of the emergency exit and evacuation route in advance and make effort to use the emergency exit and evacuation route in accordance with directions from the staff in case of emergency=

3. Maintenance of the using facilities
• Do not use facilities/equipments other than those for which permission has been granted for use.
• The backstage must be managed under the control of the user.
• Report to staff if the facilities in use are to be left empty.
• Obtain permission in advance in the event that you will exhibit or sell products.
• Do not eat or smoke in places other than the designated areas.
• Do not place objects near the emergency exit, hallway, or fire extinguishing equipment.
• In cases of damage or loss to the facilities or attached fixtures, report such to the staff. Depending on the condition of damage, a relevant amount may be charged.
• Consult staff if you plan to prepare or post flyers and posters, etc.
• Capacity may not be exceeded.
• Manpower must be allocated as needed for carry-in/out, admission control, site operation, and so on.
• Do not bring in objects or animals that may harm or bother other people.
• We bear no responsibility for trouble and accidents that may occur within the facilities or parking lots.
After using the facilities

1. Report of use of the facilities
Attached equipment and devices that you have used must be restored to the original condition, and you must receive verification by the staff after cleaning.

2. Delivery of attached equipment after use
After you finish using the facilities, you must pay the usage fee in cash to the Art Center for the attached equipment that you have used, within the day you have finished using the facilities.

Notes on using the facilities

Scope of responsibility for management
In the event that accidents occur to users, performers, related personnel, or visitors due to fire, power outage, theft, or other accidents, we shall bear no responsibility unless we are at fault. In the event that a performance cannot be held due to an act of God, transportation strike, or any cause beyond our control, we shall bear no responsibility for any damage caused by such unexpected situations.

Restrictions on usage
In the event that it is acknowledged to fall under any of the following, use of the facilities will be restricted.
It is acknowledged that public order or public decency may be offended.
It is acknowledged that profit will be made by an organization that may perform unlawful violent acts by groups or habitually.
Other events that are acknowledged to cause trouble in management of the facilities.

Prohibition of transfer of usage rights
The facilities are available only for those who have been granted permission. No transfer or subleasing of usage rights to a third party shall be permitted.

Change in usage
In the event that you wish to change the particulars of usage on an application that you have submitted, or to cancel the application, you must submit a “Change in usage/application for cancellation form” together with the “usage permit” to receive permission. However, changes related to facilities or time and date will be permitted only once.

Cancellation of usage permit
Regulations of Chiryu City Cultural Hall or rules based on these regulations would be violated.
Conditions stipulated in the usage permit would be breached.
It is revealed that the permit has been obtained by false or other unlawful means.
Other events that are considered especially necessary for public interest or in managing the facilities